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$2,800 Implant Special

Includes implant, abutment, and crown

Dental implants are one of the best treatment options to replace missing teeth. Implants look natural and are far more comfortable than dentures or bridges… and they last a lifetime with proper care.

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50% Off Veneers

While veneers are a great way improve your smile, they offer more than an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Veneers correct gaps, discoloration, crooked or misshapen teeth, and broken or chipped teeth.

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$79 Regular Cleaning

Haven’t been to the dentist in a while? Now there’s no excuse. Fill out the form below or call us today at (786) 607-0185.


Free Teeth Whitening

FLOSS uses a precise dropper to cover your teeth with a premium mixture of whitening agents, along with fluoride and potassium nitrate to help minimize sensitivity. This specialized solution will give you amazing results within the hour, and the added compounds will not only decrease tooth sensitivity but also increase enamel strength and help prevent cavities as well.

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$699 Dental Crown

Crowns address aesthetic needs, restore tooth function, and enhance the overall health of your mouth. In cases where teeth have broken down fillings, a crown can protect and preserve the remaining natural tooth. Today, a tooth-colored crown can replace an older metal/porcelain crown for a better look.

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FLOSS is a preferred provider of Invisalign, and a leader in cosmetic, preventative, restorative, and basic dentistry. Offering a new dental experience, FLOSS focuses on the patient, with modern offices and modern techniques.

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