We also frown at the nicknames, mashups and cliches that seem to get bolted on to describe company cultures. But in our situation, FLOSSY just happened. One day one of our people said it, and then another, and then it just stuck. It’s like a cute puppy that followed us home. We have now adopted it to represent our outlook and approach to everything.

Flossy adj.

|’ flôsë, ‘fläsē|

1. drama-free and family-minded 2. always having fun whether at work or play
3. a curious culture that leads 4. NEW and fresh

1. Drama-Free and Family-Minded

The main area we focus our culture on at FLOSS, and how we improve on it, is by ensuring that we are always keeping it positive. We know that no matter how advanced we want to be, or how upscale our office decor gets, people want their experience at the dentist to be a comfortable one.

At FLOSS our staff was put together to get along well so that they are always in the best mood to provide a great experience for YOU. We know that a visit to the dentist can cause anxiety and uneasiness for some. Making sure you are able to relax makes it all easier. We all have families and strive to create a vibrant environment a family member of any age would want to be in.

2. Always Having Fun Whether At Work Or Play

Fun is a relative term and we are the first to admit that when we are talking about healthcare there is a certain level of seriousness that must always be maintained. At FLOSS we have fun every day because the people who make up the family that operate it every day know that happiness is a choice.

We’re not pretending that every procedure you have at the dentist will be thought of as a fun event. What we are promising is that the people you go see at the dental office are trained to have as much fun as is possible throughout the day. When FLOSS staff aren’t in the office they are having fun in life. If you want to hear great stories ask our staff what they did last weekend. None of them live a boring lifestyle.

3. A Curious Culture That Leads

Curiosity is one of those words that has both negatives and positives associated with it. But at FLOSS we know that curiosity is something we must always embrace to advance in the career we have chosen. We remain curious for our patients so that we are always the first to learn about the next advance in the dental industry.

Our curiosity allows us to continue to evolve the services we provide for our patients at a pace that ensures they are always getting the best, soonest. It’s a challenge to stay ahead of all of the other dental practice options out there, but it’s the promise we made. We are here to give you our best.

4. NEW and Fresh

Being always new is our mentality at FLOSS. Now don’t get us wrong, there are plenty of traditions that we carry with us every day. There are wheels that shouldn’t be reinvented. But if there is anything that could be updated or could be done better chances are you will see it at a FLOSS near you. We remain committed to always having the latest available services and technology.

Fresh is a different word when compared with new. Fresh has a bit more attitude to it, and we like to bring that to what has been a pretty stodgy industry for a long time. By fresh we don’t mean that fresh kid that your grandmother wants to smack. We are referring to what’s latest, what’s next. We think you should have that for your smile and confidence, whatever that is. We like going to work every day to provide if for our patients.


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