Become a FLOSS Franchise

At FLOSS Dental we’ve created A NEW EXPERIENCE IN DENTISTRY; our patients tell us so every day. But when a seasoned dentist or investor appreciates this business opportunity – well, that is truly flattering! Thank you for your interest in our Brand Partner program.

Lucky for us, not many dental practices have an attractive and fresh new business model. At FLOSS our FLOSS brand is our biggest selling point! No competitor has been able to capture the culture and innovative approach to dentistry like FLOSS. And that means huge opportunities for growth and expansion!

FLOSS competes directly within the dental segment. We are a more attractive practice that not only provides, but requires better unconditional service, can-do attitudes and simply a more exciting culture than our competition. Our carefully engineered systems simplify the FLOSS operation, empowering skilled operators to dominate our segment in home markets.

The full Discovery Process from initial contact to awarding of your own FLOSS franchise generally takes about 4 to 6 weeks.

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