The FLOSS Concept

What makes owning a FLOSS Dental practice different? That’s simple, 100% Ownership!

Dentist/Pioneer Dr. Michael Tran and franchise managed company with tons of experience in brand building and dental franchises, is offering Dentists, currently in practice, who want to grow and be part of America’s Hottest new brand, a 100% ownership in a FLOSS practice of their own.

At FLOSS, our patients love us because we love them. We are dedicated to transforming the experience in dental care, and we show it by building strong relationships with our patients from the moment they walk into our office. Our state-of- the-art facilities help create an atmosphere that is bold, inviting, and inclusive; as well as our staff providing the highest level of service that builds trust giving our patients a fresh New Experience in Dentistry. We believe every dental patient deserves this type of unconditional service. Every patient deserves to be a FLOSS patient.

The same goes for our FLOSS Dentists!

Our franchise concept is dedicated to reducing the dentist’s management efforts while allowing them to focus on treatment. At FLOSS, our proven business model has shown to drive more patients, increase production while leveraging group buying power and rebate programs to achieve greater profitably.

No more struggling as a solo dentist – doing it all by one’s self. You’ll no longer be limited as a one off practice.

With FLOSS Dental you’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

You retain 100% equity, practice dentistry on your terms, but with the support, economies of scale and the foundation of corporate dentistry.

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