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Mouth Guard and Night Guard

Just as a motorcyclist uses a helmet when on the road, a mouthguard protects the teeth, jaw, gums, and tongue from some of the following damage or injury:


  • A chipped tooth
  • Nerve Damage
  • Tooth damage or loss


All these and more could affect the way you eat, talk, and smile.

Whether you’re an athlete in any contact sport (e.g. football, boxing, soccer), or simply guilty of (unconscious or sleep) teeth grinding, you will find it convenient we have a dental product that will let you enjoy your favorite game without the fear of losing a tooth or breaking your jaw.

Even in non contact sports (e.g. gymnastics) or recreational activities (e.g. skateboarding and mountain climbing), a mouth guard will come in handy.

We understand that you have certain considerations in choosing what can best protect your mouth.

There are ready-made mouth protectors available in the market, as well as custom-fitted mouth protectors which our dentists can provide for you.

When it comes to our patients, we always ensure you get the best security for your teeth without compromising your comfort.

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