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Application of a Veneer

The process of applying the veneer to your teeth is not difficult. Due to the thickness of the material, the teeth are shaped and adjusted so that there is space for the veneer. After shaping your natural tooth, a mold is taken of the tooth so that it is possible to create a custom veneer that will cover the tooth.

Every veneer is custom made for each individual tooth. Although the exact amount of time before it is ready for application can vary slightly, in most cases the veneer is ready to apply to your tooth after about two weeks.

When your custom dental veneer is ready, we apply it with an adhesive material that holds it in place. A veneer is designed to last for many years and the adhesive will not fade or become discolored, so your teeth will maintain the same look after several years as it has when you leave the office.

Durability and Long Lasting Results

The key advantages of dental veneers are related to the appearance of your teeth and the limited amount of preparation that is required when compared to other treatments. Although the advantages are obvious, a key factor that may be overlooked is the durability of your new veneers.

Unlike fillings and other treatments, a veneer is designed to last for several years. The materials that create the veneer are designed so that it will not break down or create problems over time.

When used to help protect fillings that you have obtained previously, a veneer can help protect your tooth from further damage and make your filling last for a longer period of time. The results of a veneer will last much longer than a simple filling or any other alternative to correct your smile.

Maintaining Your Veneers

Maintenance and management is not difficult. Unlike other solutions that are designed to correct crooked teeth, gaps or similar problems, veneers do not require special maintenance solutions.

Brush and floss your teeth every day for good oral hygiene. If you take care of your teeth normally, then your veneers will remain clean.

Although maintenance is limited, we recommend that you do not bite down on bones, the shells of nuts or similar hard objects that may damage or chip your veneers. Any object that can damage a tooth can also cause damage to your veneers. Otherwise, the veneers can be used like your natural teeth. They are strong enough to last for years.

A beautiful smile does not always require a difficult procedure. Veneers can quickly correct some of your aesthetic concerns so that you can show the world a beautiful, even and perfect smile.

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