A New Experience in Dental

Unconditional Smile Generation

At FLOSS Dental we are focused on providing a level of service we like to refer to as unconditional. We understand that your smile is one area of your life you’d like to know you are always getting the very best. The FLOSS network of dental practices were put together to provide every patient with the most advanced, highly-individualized experience available in dental today.

We go to work every day with a smile on, with a goal of generating many more of them. We do it using the most advanced dental technology and suite of services. It used to be best to go to a dentist that was on their own. Not today. At FLOSS we still own our practices, but by being a part of the larger FLOSS brand we’re able to offer you so much more.


Our commitment to doing dental better means we are constantly curious about what’s next in our industry. We think of ourselves as the leading edge in the dental industry, but know that comes with the responsibility of being thought leaders and innovators in our field. Every service we offer to our patients today was not even offered at one time. But every day is a new day.

The promise we make to our patients is that we provide a new experience in dental. When you think about it, that’s a big promise to make, and we know that if we don’t take it seriously it could mean having to remove those words from the signage on our offices one day.


When you go to a FLOSS dentist it is our goal to make your experience of going to a traditional dentist feel like a thing of the past. The personal comfort and unmatched professionalism you experience while in the most current office aesthetics available in dental today will ensure you that you have chosen the right place. You get the best that modern dentistry has to offer at in-network pricing.

You’ll notice the difference at FLOSS from the moment you walk in the door. From the custom artwork on the wall to our friendly staff, you are immediately put at ease and relaxed. Once in the room, our satellite radio and flat screen TVs provide a variety of entertainment options. Our staff have been personally selected and trained to provide an experience that always feels comfortable and never feels old.


An inviting and relaxing office means nothing if the services we are able to provide are less than the best available now. So we work hard to ensure that every FLOSS office has the newest and most advanced technology available at our disposal. Dental services rely on technology more and more as they become more advanced.

We want you to have the best at FLOSS. So we offer things like BOOST whitening, which is free once a year for patients who maintain their regular cleanings. Our offices are capable of doing Panoramic X-Rays and intra-oral photography. This allows us to look at any issues together with you on a screen, and to prevent others before they occur. What better treatment is there than that?


We’ve streamlined our processes to make everything simple, quick, and effortless on your part. And we know you’re busy, so we work around your schedule. From start to finish, it’s different from anything you’ve ever experienced before. Although we pride ourselves on maintaining a light, fun atmosphere at every FLOSS, we know that you are here to take care of your smile and get back to your life.

From the minute you walk in the door we want to provide you with a bit of a sanctuary from what is otherwise a busy, chaotic life outside our doors. Sure some of the things that go on in a dental chair can be cause for anxiety, but we have made sure that we have everything modern medicine does to make the toughest of procedures a lot easier available to you in our offices, too. We get you in and out, and make it as comfortable and fun as we can while you’re here.


Pearland : (346) 381-1018
Sugarland: (281) 864 3470
Kingwood: (281) 746-9400
Midtown: (346) 214-4807
Magnolia: (832) 558-2905