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Accelerated Orthodontics

Braces and aligners have become the “traditional” solutions that instantly come to mind when it comes to orthodontics. However, innovations in this branch of dentistry now give you more convenient options to choose from. At Floss Dental, we make modern and best-quality services available to you.

Because we put the A+ in dental services, you can now experience Accelerated Orthodontics with the latest technological advancements available at our clinics.

When we mean Accelerated Orthodontics, we really mean fast.

By weakening the bone condition around a tooth, its movement to the desired position becomes easier and more predictable. This sterile, ready-to-use disposable device will make you believe in magic, the magic our dentists can do for you.

You are guaranteed to get the results you want much quicker than relying alone on wire metal braces. This also means you will have fewer visits to the dentist. You will only feel little to no discomfort with Propel. And you will be surprised of the zero recovery time it takes after your dentist appointment, so you can go on with your usual daily routine.

Whether it’s an animated laughter or a cheerful grin, there are moments in life that deserve your uninhibited smile. Yet there are those held back by reservation because of crooked or crowded teeth.

Problems arise with improperly positioned teeth and jaws. These problems are characterized as the following:

  • Overbite and underbite – misalignment of upper and lower teeth where either one lie far too forward
  • Crossbite and Open bite – misalignment of dental arches outwardly or inwardly
  • Misplaced midline – misalignment of middle upper front teeth with center lower front teeth
  • Spacing and crowding –the dental ridge is too roomy or is too congested to accommodate all other teeth

On the surface, these asymmetrical dental conditions may seem like a matter of aesthetic concern. But there are more alarming reasons you need to worry about:

  • The improper positions of teeth make it difficult to clean; thus
  • May lead to tooth decay;
  • Jaw pain and headache
  • Chewing food also becomes a challenge, leading to digestive issues

If you can relate to these symptoms and consequences, advancements in dentistry will give you more reasons to smile.


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