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Sedation Dentistry

Dental clinics today offer an option that will let you go through dental procedures without any awareness of pain or your own nervousness. Sedation dentistry makes use of sedative to calm you in complex dental treatments such as extraction, root canal, or even oral surgery.

  • We make sure what we give you is safe and is recommended. Your experience with us is of great importance to us. And so we let you fix your teeth the way you want it to be.
  • There are three states of sedation depending on the complexity of your treatment. Whether you need a mild, moderate, or deep sedative, our well-trained dentists will provide you with the suitable dose to your operation and level of anxiety. You also have the choice of taking it orally or through an inhalator.
  • There is nothing more to be afraid of. Your comfort and convenience is dealt with equal importance to your oral care needs. Our Floss clinics will let you have the dental experience you will remember to be without any recollection of pain or fear.

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